“Dude…Sketchy Mike is right.”



            “Hey,” she said.

          “Hey,” I replied. “Thanks again for coming.”

          “No problem. Anything to help the Upsilon cause.”

          “Yeah,” I chuckled. “Smart ass.”

          Allison grinned at me with her charmingly crooked smile. The dark-haired sophomore wore a stylish white jacket and tight jeans to show off her nice ass.

          “I like those last two pledges,” she said. “They look like cool guys. You must love that they workout.”

          “Yeah…we’re definitely going for quality this time around.”

          Allison’s blue eyes darted around the deck. “It’s a good turnout for you guys. I went with Priscilla to the Iota House and they only had half as many rushees show up.”

          “Nice,” I replied with satisfaction. “We’ve pinned seven kids so far and I like them all.”

          “Do you think you’ll get any more tonight?”

          “I don’t know. Maybe. We’ve got a lot coming to the after-party.”

           Allison’s face saddened. “I don’t think I’m coming. I have an early class tomorrow morning.”

          “That sucks. You’re coming tomorrow night, aren’t you?”


          “Good. You won’t miss much tonight. The second night of Rush Week is always the weakest and it’s gonna be at Duffy’s place. That kid never throws blowouts.”

          Allison nodded and I immediately regretted naming the location of the after-party. There was now a slim chance she might randomly show up and catch me pressing up on another female.

          As if reading my thoughts, Allison said, “There’s a lot of pretty girls here tonight. You and your friends must’ve been working overtime.”

          Her subtle accusation that I had something to do with the presence of these girls was not missed, but I ignored the insinuation with a shrug of the shoulders.

          “I just hope they’re enough to convince quality rushees to pledge Upsilon.”

          Allison’s blue eyes poured into me, searching for guilt and deceit, but my eyes revealed nothing and my face was a solid rock of smooth composure.

          To put her suspicions completely at rest, I asked, “Do you think you’ll be up later tonight?”

          She smiled. “Probably not, but you can come by and wake me up if you want to.”

          “Will you be waiting for me naked?”

          “No. I always keep my panties on like a good little girl so my daddy can slide them off me.”

          I grinned. “Maybe I’ll drop by after the party.”

          But my mind was already racing to formulate the excuse I was going to give her tomorrow. I was leaning towards the time-honored: I was so drunk that I puked and passed out on the floor.

Moody emerged from the fraternity house and I excused myself from Allison to go talk to him. He grinned at me as I approached.

          “I’m happy as fuck,” he said. “Those two pledges Luke and Tom are money.”

           I nodded. “When I become their Pledge Marshall, I’m gonna give you one of them for a little brother.”

          “Nice! The Wong Family continues to expand.”

          “Speaking of which, Big Country is pissed we haven’t given his brother a bid yet.”

          Moody made a face. “Fuck Big Country. He’s been hanging out with Goldman’s bitch ass all night. Do you really want someone who’s friends with that tool to decide who gets offered a bid?”

          “Good point, but I don’t want to lose Big Country because we dissed his brother.”

          Stepbrother,” Moody corrected me. “And he won’t give a shit two weeks from now as long as he’s still getting laid by new girls.”

          I chuckled. “You’re probably right. Big Country does love himself a piece of pussy.”

          Moody grinned. “Don’t we all.”

          “Yeah…that reminds me…I think I fucked up with Allison.”


          “I never should’ve spent New Years with her. It’s given her false hope we’re getting back together.”

          “You think so?”

          “Dude, holidays and special occasions are the motor of all relationships. Think about it. Valentine’s, New Years, birthdays…you spend any of these days with a chick and she starts listening for wedding bells. ”

          Moody laughed. “You might be right.”

          “I’m a hundred percent right.”

          A cute blonde walked by us and we both stared at her ass. Fifty degree January weather did not deter the young woman from wearing a short skirt to show off her fake bake bronzed legs.

          Moody grinned and said, “I’d like to spend her birthday together. Something tells me that ass likes to be spanked.”

          I smiled. “Don’t get me wrong. Special occasions are great if you’re trying to spread legs for the first time, but it fucking blows if she starts expecting some sort of commitment.”

          Moody nodded. “And it’s probably worse if the girl happens to be your ex-girlfriend.”


          My friend looked at me questioningly. “So you really don’t want to get back together with Allison? Blake said you slept over at her place last night.”

          “Hell no I don’t want to get back together. I’m a bouncer at a nightclub. It’s Rush Week. Desperado Week is in a month and we got Spring Break coming up. Why the fuck would I want to be locked down in a relationship?”

          “That’s where my head is at too. There’s no reason at all to date a girl seriously right now.” Moody’s blue eyes widened with excitement. “And there’s definitely some talent here tonight.”

          I grinned. “And a few of those young ladies probably need some gentlemanly attention right about now.”

          Moody laughed and I made my way into the fraternity house where I intended to put in work on one of the girls that I did actually invite to Rush. Jessica was a pretty brunette from Long Island. We lived in the same dorm freshman year, and though we had never hooked up before, I always wanted to because she had a hot little tan body that looked absolutely amazing when it was oiled up in her bright yellow bikini.

          Jessica was sitting with her roommate Theresa on a couch in the Formal Living Room. I sat down next to the pretty girls and turned on the charm.

          “How are you, ladies?” I asked. “Can I get you a refreshment or anything?”

          “No thanks,” Theresa said with a smile. “I’m fine.”

          Jessica also declined the offer by shaking her head. To my surprise, she then asked, “I thought you and your girlfriend were broken up?”

          “We are.”

          She pointed at the window. “Then why is she out there?”

          “Rush tactics. I invited her because she’s an attractive girl whose presence will convince rushees to pledge my fraternity.” With a playful tone of voice, I added, “It’s the same reason I invited you!”

          Jessica slapped me lightly on the arm and pretended to be insulted. “That’s really messed up!” she exclaimed.

          “No, I’m just kidding!” I said with a laugh. “I’m really glad you girls came here tonight. Are you gonna come to the after-party?”       

          “Where’s the party at?” Jessica asked. “Isn’t it supposed to be a secret?”

           “Yeah, we try to keep it hush hush from the rushees we don’t want coming. It’s at my fraternity brother’s place in The Grove. Apartment 126, I think.”

          “The Grove,” Theresa repeated. “That’s down Pensacola, past Bagel Bagel, right?”

          “Yeah, on the right-hand side. Why don’t I ride with you to make sure you girls can find it?”

          Jessica smiled. And so did I.


*  *  *  *  *


          Ten minutes later, I was standing with Blake on the back stairway overlooking the fraternity house courtyard. My spiky-haired roommate was dressed in black slacks and an expensive blue dress shirt.

          He gave me an approving smile. “I saw you talking to Jessica. She looks good, yo. Real good.”

          “I want that bad.”

          “You think she’s interested?”

          “Yeah, but she’s acting a little guarded because she saw Allison here which is kind of funny because Allison was acting suspicious of me too.”

          “So what’re you gonna do?”

          “About Jessica or Allison?”


          I shrugged dismissively. “It’s probably not that big of a deal. There are three types of suspicious women—the paranoid, the damaged, and the intelligent. Jessica’s not a paranoid girl and I don’t think she’s been burned by a lot of assholes yet, so I think she’s just smart enough to be skeptical of the intentions of all horny college males.”

          “Don’t forget about the forewarned.”


          “The forewarned. That’s another type of suspicious girl. Jessica did live in Salley Hall, so maybe she heard some bad shit about you being a player or something.”

          I rubbed my chin in speculation. “It’s possible, but she knows I dated Allison for a year and that should exonerate me of player status. I think she just wants to make sure Allison is out of the picture.”

          We glanced down below us to watch Big Country lead a group of freshmen through the courtyard on a tour of the house. One of the young men was sporting jean shorts and a long-sleeved WWE wrestling t-shirt.

          My lip curled. “Look at these fucking clowns. Big Country should just escort them to the door.”

          Blake chuckled. “Maybe Jessica’s suspicion will turn into competitive attraction when she gets drunk.”

“Competitive attraction?”

“Yeah, some Darwinian kind of shit. Maybe she’ll get jealous and just want to fuck.”

          “Hopefully, but I think she’s good girl looking for more than dick. If she brings Allison up again, I’m just gonna tell her that we’re really good friends, that I trust her or something, make it seem like I’m a nice guy.”

          My roommate grinned. “That’s good, yo. Turn a positive into a negative. You’re a manipulative motherfucker, Bryce…but that’s why I love ya.”


*  *  *  *  *


          Later that night, I was once again sitting next to Jessica on a couch, but this time we were at the party with plastic beer cups in our hands. I methodically worked the conversation from innocent small talk to flirtatious banter to an open admission of my attraction for her.

          “Jessica, you had to of known I had on crush on you back then. You looked amazing in that yellow bikini. My boys and I all thought you had the nicest body in Salley Hall.”

          “Shut up!” she exclaimed, but her freckled cheeks blushed becomingly. “Then why didn’t you tell me you were interested in me back then?”

          I sipped my beer and shrugged. “I had a girlfriend and you never really seemed interested in me.”

          “And your ex is really out of the picture now?”

          “Yeah…but I won’t lie to you, we still talk a lot. It’s hard to just cut someone off like that.” I gave Jessica my big-eyed look of sincerity. “She’s one of my best friends now. I trust her. I can’t say that about too many people.”

          Jessica seemed to relate. “I know what you mean, Darren. It’s hard to trust a lot of the people you meet in Tallanasty. But you’re not shady, are you?”

“No,” I replied. “I’m not from Florida.”

          The northern girl laughed appreciatively.

          Theresa appeared from the crowds and sat down next to her roommate. I regretfully noticed that the young black woman looked a combination of tired and sober which might hinder my effort to hookup with Jessica.

           “I think I’m gonna leave now,” Theresa said.

           “Really?” Jessica asked. “You haven’t even had a beer yet. Are you still feeling sick?”

          “No, it’s not that. I have to get up early tomorrow morning for anthropology. If you want to stay, then stay.” Theresa looked to me. “Can you find her a ride home?”

          “Yeah, sure. You two live in Jennie Murphree, don’t you? I have to head back that way tonight too.”

Jessica nodded to Theresa. “I’m gonna stay.”

          I took a sip of beer to hide my smile. Game on.

          Theresa said goodbye and left us alone to talk, flirt, and drink beers. The party definitely wasn’t a wild bash like the previous night with brothers doing keg stands and beer funnels every minute, but it did turn out to be much better than expected. About two hundred and fifty people showed up to drink from two kegs, seven handles of liquor, and a refrigerator full of Jell-O Shots. Jessica and I got hammered and it was not long before we were making out on the couch like a couple of eighth graders in the back of a movie theater. We eventually moved outside the apartment.

          “I like you, Jessica,” I said as my body pressed her firmly against the building wall. “And I really like kissing you.”

          She smiled sweetly. “I like kissing you too.”

          “We should’ve done this a long time ago.”

          “So why don’t you stop talking and make up for lost time?”

          I smiled. Guys get labeled as smooth-talking players, but some girls definitely have game. I tilted Jessica’s chin up and we resumed our make out session. Her lips were soft and she tasted of beer and Jell-O. I pressed my pelvis into her navel and my hands slid down her waist to palm her firm ass. There was a part of me that feared Allison could show any second, but the excitement of this risk intensified the attraction I felt for the petite brunette in my arms.

          The party died down around 2 AM and a fraternity brother gave me and Jessica a ride home. When we reached Jennie Murphree dormitory, I politely walked Jessica to the front door with all the expectations of a goodnight kiss, but to my surprise, she swiped her keycard, stepped inside, and held the door open for me.

          “Bad girl,” I said and followed her inside. “Doesn’t Jennie Murphree have restricted visitation rules for anyone with a penis?”

          Jessica arched her eyebrows. “I didn’t think you were the type of guy to follow the rules.”

          I gestured towards the stairs. “Lead the way, sweetheart.”

          She turned around and I followed her up the staircase. My eyes locked in on her sexy ass and I recalled Blake’s words earlier in the night. Maybe he was right. Maybe her plan tonight had been to get fucked up and get fucked. I smiled with hope.

          We silently ascended the staircase to the third floor and briskly made our way down the hallway to her dormitory room. Fearful that the Resident Assistant might emerge from her room and see us, I felt like I was fourteen years old again sneaking back into my house when my parents were sleeping.

          “Wait,” I whispered and grabbed her hand. “Come here for a second.”

          I pulled Jessica to me and we embraced in front of the RA’s door. With one hand cradling her face and the other fondling an ass cheek, I kissed the young girl until she pulled away with a quiet giggle.

          “Let’s go, bad boy,” she said.

          Once we were safely inside the dormitory room, Jessica and I hooked up in her bed and the clothes quickly came off. I was disappointed to discover an unshaved vagina, but this did not stop me from going down on her. When you want pussy, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Four minutes of oral sex was enough to leave her vagina soaked and aching for cock. I wrapped up with a Trojan and we did the wild monkey dance while her roommate tried to sleep fifteen feet away. Theresa must have heard us—we did not try to be quiet and metallic dormitory bed frames always make a lot of noise. It was dark, so I didn’t get to appreciate the sight of Jessica nakedness, but I pounded her out and thought about that yellow bikini and how accomplishing it felt to finally be fucking her sweet little body. My mind also toyed with the fantasy that her roommate might be masturbating to the sounds of us fucking.

          I woke at 10:00 the next morning and had to walk across campus to my fraternity house wearing the wrinkled dress clothes I had worn to Rush. When I reached Pensacola Street and turned left towards the Upsilon House, my fraternity brother Dave sped by in his girlfriend’s car.

          “Walk of Shame!” he yelled from the window.

          I flung one hand up in the air and grabbed my cock with the other. “It was good too, bitch!” I yelled.

          Blake was eating a bagel when I entered our small apartment. He looked up at me from the couch and smiled.

“Hell yeah,” he said. “I heard you spent the night at Jennie Murphree. Did you hit that shit?”

          I sat down on the couch and nodded. “Yeah…with her roommate sleeping a few feet away.”

          Blake laughed. “That’s awesome. How was it?”

          “Good, man. Except for the hairy bush.”

          My roommate’s nose curled. “Ughhh. She didn’t shave?”

          “Nope. Not even a decent trim. You know how some of them northern girls are.”

          “That shit is nasty, yo.”

          “The worst,” I agreed.”

          Blake stared at my wrinkled clothes and asked, “You had to walk home like that?”

“Yeah…fucking Dave just drove by me on Pensacola Street and yelled Walk of Shame.”

          Blake chuckled. “You do look like you slept in someone else’s bed.”

I shrugged. “They should call it the Walk of Fame because there’s no shame in sleeping with random women—there’s only glory.”

          My roommate snorted. “You’re gonna go back to your old ways again this semester, aren’t you?”

          “You mean pre-Allison?”


          “Probably,” I said and leaned back on the couch to yawn. “Promiscuity is a key component of the recipe.”

          Blake took a huge bite out of his bagel. He looked like a dog with a bone that was too big for him.

          “What recipe?” he asked.

          “The recipe for popularity—muscular size, a badass reputation for fighting, working at a bar, and last but not least, a glorified reputation of sexual conquest.”

           My roommate snorted. “That’s why you do it? To be popular?”

          “Nah, man,” I grinned. “I do it because it’s fun as fuck sticking my cock into as many girls as possible.”

          Blake laughed and chewed up his food.

I glared at him. “You’d know what I’m talking about if you stopped being faithful to your little High School girlfriend back in Jersey. I bet you passed up on something again last night, didn’t you?”

          He shrugged and took another bite of bagel.

          “But anyways,” I continued, “popularity is definitely an added bonus. Women love players and dudes respect guys who pull ass. The more girls you sleep with, the more scandal you build around your reputation, the more popular you become, and the more that girls want you.”

          “Yeah, but a lot of those girls will resent you.”

          “Who cares?” I replied. “What’s that shit Sketchy Mike always says?”

          Blake chuckled. “That during the day, girls hate him, but at night when they’re drunk, they still want to come home with him and that’s all that matters.”

          My lips twisted into a sly smile. “Dude…Sketchy Mike is right.”

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