“Yeah…well…that too.”



          “Damn,” Tadd said, “this place is gonna be packed with women tonight.”

          I nodded. “We really put the word out about the party and its theme. Look at all these girls in their little skirts. You give any excuse to a college girl to dress up like a slut and she’ll do so with eagerness.”

          Tadd’s handsome face lit up with a grin. “Hell yeah! Girls want to dress up sexy and flaunt their bodies. They just need a reason to do it that makes it socially acceptable.”

          “Yup,” I said and lowered my eyes to the keg. “Pump that shit.”

          Tadd and I were standing in the crowded living room of my apartment. He pumped the keg while I used the dispenser to pour ice cold beer into our red plastic cups. When his cup was filled to the rim, the big redneck didn’t seem to take notice because he was staring intently at the front door as yet another group of girls entered the apartment. All of the young women were wearing short skirts.

          “This party was a great idea,” he said. “It’s definitely gonna be a good night.”

          “Is Meghan coming?” I asked.

          “No…probably not.”

          “What’s going on with that relationship?” I asked with a chuckle. “You still scared of getting her pregnant?”

          “No. We’re just taking a break.”

          When my friend finally noticed his beer cup was full, he quickly chugged all of it down and smiled in satisfaction.

“Fill me up again,” he said. “I’m gonna drink more beer than anyone else here tonight.”

          The redneck’s bold statement brought a sly smile to my lips. “Yeah,” I replied, “me too.”

          I had few reservations about consuming exorbitant amounts of beer, but I secretly doubted Tadd shared my desire to drink every drop of alcohol put in front of us tonight. My friend had a mysterious habit of pouring out beers when he thought no one was looking. Pondering Tadd’s strange drinking behavior reminded me of a humorous incident that had recently occurred involving the large redneck and alcohol.

          “So how’s the poison ivy doing?” I asked.

          “Not bad,” he answered and self-consciously stared down at his muscular arms. “You can hardly see that it’s there anymore. It looks a lot better.”

          “Yeah, it does,” I replied sarcastically.

          “No, seriously, it’s almost gone.” He held out both his arms. “See?”

          I looked closer and saw that much of the rash had cleared up. Mitchell approached the keg and he too stared at the small patches of red skin.

          “Damn, Big Tadd,” he asked, “how’d you do that?”

          “I picked up some poison ivy in the bushes.”

          “From that ROTC training you guys did this weekend?”

          “Nope,” I laughed. “We were drinking beer in the backyard of some party last week and the cops showed up. The rest of us chugged our beers, dropped our cups, and played it cool, but Tadd took off sprinting and dove headfirst into some bushes like he was hiding from the Vietcong.”

          Mitchell laughed. “Tadd, you’re a commando motherfucker.”

          “Yes, I am,” he replied rather matter of factly.

          Mitchell held out his cup and I used the tap dispenser to fill it. When he turned to walk away, his place at the keg was immediately occupied by Lisa and her roommate Karla. Both 404 Girls were decked out in tight black skirts.

          “Hey, ladies,” Tadd greeted them warmly.

          “Hi, Tadd,” Karla replied. “Hi, Darren.”

          I smiled at the young women, my gaze lingering on dark-haired Lisa’s sexy body before turning towards her companion. On first glance, Karla was an attractive girl with dirty blonde hair and a nice body, but her round Popeye shaped head was one of those facial features that once you noticed, you never stopped noticing.

          The two young women held out their cups and Tadd pumped the keg while I poured. As Lisa and Karla patiently waited for their beers to be filled, my redneck buddy decided to taunt the blonde.

          “So, Karla,” he said, “you must be loving this party.”

          “Yeah,” I added, “nothing but young men thuggin it up in wife beaters.”

          Karla smiled at our teasing, but gave us a shrug of disappointment as she looked around the living room.

          “No, not really,” she replied. “There aren’t many real thugs here. Just fratboys.”

          I shook my head in annoyance. “Karla, real thugs don’t go to college. Real thugs are in jail, slinging rock, or boosting cars. You need to get over this MTV induced attraction for men of third-world culture.”

          Lisa looked at me in disgust. “What book have you been reading lately? Hitler’s Little Children?”

          I smirked at her. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I offend your liberal sensibilities? By all means, embrace an inferior culture.”

          Tadd and I grunted laughter like a pair of zoo gorillas.

          “Don’t be an asshole,” Lisa admonished me. “Besides, most of the guys here don’t look very good in wife beaters. You should’ve done t-shirts and skirts instead of wife beaters and skirts. See, shirts and skirts, it rhymes too.”

          “Thanks, Lisa,” I said irritably. “You’ve been more than helpful. From now on, I’ll be sure to consult with you before deciding what kind of party to throw.”

          “Good,” she replied with a cute little smile.

          When I finished pouring Karla’s beer, the blonde lifted the plastic cup to her mouth and took a baby sip, as if testing what keg beer tasted like for the very first time. Her nose instantly curled with displeasure.

          “You know, guys,” she said. “I don’t think I really like the way beer tastes.”

          “Karla,” I said in disbelief, “you’ve been in college for over a year and it’s taken you this long to figure that out?”

          She shrugged innocently. “I guess. I don’t know.”

          “I have liquor in the kitchen if you want that instead.”

          “No, that’s okay. I’ll just drink this. Maybe I’ll like it more when it warms up.”

          Lisa stared at her friend’s dimwittedness. I bit my tongue and Tadd made an effort to change the subject.

His eyes lowered and he said, “You ladies look great tonight in your skirts.”

          Karla smiled at the compliment. “You guys look hot too. You’re definitely the biggest guys here.”

          Tadd and I shared a quick glance, doing our best to hide gloating reactions.

“Nah,” Tadd said with false modesty, “we’re not that big.”

          “You can never be big enough,” I added.

          The girl’s statement had made both of us self-consciously stand up straighter, puff our chests, spread our lats, and suck in our stomachs.      

          Lisa’s brown eyes darted back and forth between us and she asked, “Seriously, how much bigger do you guys want to get? You’re gonna start scaring the women away.”

          “So what?” I replied. “The kind of women I like love muscle. If I scare away little girls like you, that’s fine with me.”

          Lisa stuck her tongue out at me and the two girls walked away.

          “She still wants you, Bryce,” Tadd said.

          “Good…I still want her. She’s my second in line.”

          “Your what?”

          “My next in line. If Allison and I break up and I want a girlfriend to replace her, I’m going after Lisa.”

          “So it’s more than you just wanting to fuck her?”

          I shrugged. “It’s complicated.”

          “How so?”

          “We got history…we’ve been through some shit together.”

          “Like what? Getting shot at?”

          “Yeah…but it’s more than that.”

          “You mean you actually care about her or something?”

          “And I think she cares about me.”

          “That’s sweet,” he said sarcastically. “And here I thought you just wanted to bang her for being such a little cocktease.”

          I chuckled. “Yeah…well…that too.”

          Tadd and I left the keg and strolled past a pair of brunettes who were also dressed for the occasion in black miniskirts. One of the girls flirtatiously grabbed Tadd’s large arm which provoked the muscular redneck to hold his beer cup in-between his teeth and give her a double bicep pose before following me into the kitchen.

It irked me that I had done half a cycle of steroids and was still smaller than my workout partner. Tadd swore he had never touched juice before, and though I believed him, the blonde-haired, long-nosed meathead always had a suspicious amount of acne on his face.

          I grabbed a bottle of vodka from the cabinet and poured a shot of liquor into our beers. Tadd nodded his head in appreciation. I was about to put the bottle away when the back door swung open and two intoxicated Upsilon pledges entered the kitchen.

          “What’s up, Bryce!” exclaimed a big-eyed freshman.     

          “Hey, Bryce,” the other said, “those upside margaritas ya got downstairs are awesome!”

           “Here,” I replied and lifted the vodka bottle above their heads. “Open your fucking mouths.”

          The pledges opened wide like two little baby birds waiting to be fed. I poured a heavy dose of vodka into their mouths, but my aim was poor and some of the liquor spilled on the sides of their faces. The young men gulped the alcohol down with grimaces and then used the back of their hands to wipe off their cheeks.

          “That’s it,” I said and casually waved them away. “You can go now. You’re dismissed.”

          Tadd chuckled at the military-styled discharge, but as the two pledges walked away, I called out after them.

          “Hey! I want you and the rest of your pledge class to come by here tomorrow afternoon and clean up my fucking apartment.”

          They nodded in humble obedience and walked off.

          Tadd laughed. “Do you guys always make them clean up after parties?”

          I shrugged. “Yeah, usually…but sometimes we’ll order a few pizzas and feed them too.”

          Before putting the vodka bottle away, I decided to dispense another shot’s worth of liquor into our two beers. The big meathead grinned as I poured and then raised his beer cup in toast.

          “So you got a sharpshooter award today—nicely done.”

          “Thanks, man,” I replied with a proud smile and touched beer cups with my fellow cadet.          

          Tadd was referring to the marksmanship exercise we participated in earlier that afternoon at the ROTC Field Training Exercise in Fort Rucker, Alabama.

“The older guys were impressed,” Tadd continued. “They want you and me to come out for Ranger Challenge next year.”

          “Fuck that shit. I’m not giving up my party lifestyle to wake up at 5:30 AM, six days a week to go running.”

           Tadd sipped his beer and nodded. “It takes a serious commitment, but I think I’m gonna do it.”

“They ought to get Kisha to join. That girl has got more testosterone than all of us combined. She stood right up in her foxhole and started blasting her M-16 like Rambo!”

Tadd chuckled. “Yeah, I saw her firing that thing like she was doing a drive-by.”

“Yo, she looked like a big, black, killer marshmallow.”

          We both laughed and continued to discuss the FTX until the seductive voice of my girlfriend whispered in my ear.

          “I’m horny, Baby.”

          I turned around and was suddenly very horny myself. Allison looked sexy as hell in the outfit I had specifically requested her to wear tonight—a short grey miniskirt and knee-high black boots. My eyes swiftly took notice of how tightly the skirt clung to her firm, tan thighs—thighs that I immediately wanted to spread.

          “Later, Tadd.” I said.

          “Later,” he replied with a knowing chuckle. My girlfriend and I had never been discrete about our sex life.

          Hand in hand, I led Allison through the party towards my bedroom. When we walked past the 404 Girls in the packed living room, I caught Lisa rolling her eyes when she saw Allison’s knee-highs. I made eye contact with the dark-haired girl and my lips formed into a smug smile. Nothing so ignites attraction like the flames of jealousy.

          The master bedroom was a spacious room with my own bathroom, an adjoining walk-in closet, and a sliding glass door exit to the balcony. Long white curtain blinds were drawn across the double glass doors and the sound of many voices talking at once flooded into my room. Sitting against the near wall was a wooden desk stacked with used college text books which had remained unopened for most of the semester. My full-size bed was pushed up against the far wall, and instead of a headboard, there was a large square mirror mounted above the bed. In a setup clearly designed for sex, two more mirrors of equal shape and size were leaning on the side walls facing the bed.

          Once we were safely behind closed doors, Allison unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans. I slid her panties off and performed two minutes of oral sex on her before we went at it. Seven minutes later, when she was on top of me, grinding her clitoris into my pubic bone with the skill of an Alabama girl who had grown up riding horses, the door of my bedroom burst open.

“Oh shit!” Allison exclaimed.

She leapt off my cock with uncanny speed and fled into the bedroom walk-in closet.

Eddie stood stunned at the doorway before he lowered his head, mumbled a terse apology, and yanked the door shut behind him as he fled back down the hallway.

          Laughing, I locked the door and followed Allison into the closet.

          “Who was that?” Allison asked.

          “Eddie trying to use the bathroom,” I replied and dropped to my knees. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen another human being move as fast you just did hopping off my dick.”

          Allison giggled as she lay flat on her stomach and pulled up her skirt for me. With one hand grabbing her hair at the scalp, I stared down at knee-high leather boots and finished banging her out from behind. I loved those boots. Every guy has his fetishes and sultry, dark-haired beauties who wore knee-high black boots were definitely mine.

          When our sex session was over, I scrubbed both of us down with a wet washcloth and then dropped the towel into the closet hamper. Allison was sliding her panties on when I walked back in the bedroom.

          “No,” I said, “don’t put those back on. I want you to walk around all night feeling like a naughty little girl.”

          A charmingly crooked smile formed on my girlfriend’s face and she tossed the panties into the closet.

          I chuckled. “But you might want to fix that sex hair.”

          Allison snorted and did a quick mirror check to straighten out her hair. We then exited my bedroom together and parted ways in the hallway. She veered left into the living room and I went straight out the front door to check up on my money collecting operation.

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