“Let me get sloppy seconds.”



          “Schwartz fucked Vanessa?” I asked.

          “Yeah,” Blake replied.

          “Holy shit. When?”

          “He brought her home from FLOYD’S the other night. Supposedly he fucked her all over his apartment.”

          “Who told you that?”

          Blake grinned. “Everybody, yo. Word spread fast.”

          “Slut,” I said.

          “Slut,” he agreed.

          “Does Mendez know?”

          My spiky-haired roommate shrugged. “Probably.”

“That shit's messed up. His girl cheated on him with his own fraternity brother.”

“Maybe he’ll fuck Schwartz up.”

          I pulled from my beer and said, “I guess we’re about to find out. Look who just showed up.”

          Mendez had entered the front door of the house. He wore jeans and a black leather jacket. It was impossible to determine the young man’s state-of-mind from his blank stare, but the dark eyes of the chubby-faced meathead were definitely searching the party for someone.

          “Is Schwartz still here?” I asked.

          Blake chuckled. “He’s out back, I think.”

          “This could get interesting.”

          “Hell yeah. I wonder if Mendez is wearing that big fucking football ring he always has on?”

          I laughed. “The Super Bowl ring could definitely do some damage.”

          Blake chugged the rest of his beer and set his empty cup down on the coffee table. An excited smile had formed on his face.

          “Come on, yo,” he said. “He’s going outside. I want to see this shit.”

          We shouldered our way through the crowded party and followed Mendez out the back door. I saw Schwartz standing in the backyard with three older brothers. Mendez saw him too. He very nonchalantly walked up to the group and shook their hands. But when Schwartz stuck his hand out to greet Mendez, the treacherous brother was slugged in the face with a straight right that sent him sprawling to the ground.

          “What the fuck, Mendez?” cried out an older brother.

          Mendez pointed down at Schwartz and yelled, “You fucked my girlfriend, motherfucker? Huh? Huh? You fucked my girlfriend?”

          An older brother tried to back Mendez away, but the angry young man shrugged him off and continued to scream down at the brother crumpled on the ground.

          “Fuck you, Schwartz! Fuck you! You’re not my brother anymore! You’re not shit to me!”

          Blake and I moved in closer and saw a groggy Schwartz being helped to his feet. He was definitely going to have a shiner.

          “Tah ha!” Blake laughed like a little kid. “Schwartz got fucked up!”

          “Hey, Bryce,” asked an older brother, “can you please get Mendez out of here? I don’t want them fighting any more.”

          I snorted. “You mean you don’t want Mendez to fuck up your boy more than he already has?”


          “Okay. We’ll get him out of here. Blake, let’s go.”

          Three minutes later, we were cruising back to the Upsilon House with Mendez riding shotgun.

          I glanced at the brawler and said, “Yo, kid…that was fucking gangster.”

          Blake snickered. “Hell yeah, Mendez. That was the coolest thing you’ve ever done.”

          “I should’ve worn my ring,” he replied.

          Blake and I burst out laughing and Mendez smiled the satisfied smile of a man who had tasted the sweet taste of vengeance. But when we pulled into the fraternity house parking lot, Mendez told us he felt like being alone. He retired to his apartment and Blake and I decided to regroup until we figured out what to do next. It was only 1:20 AM on a Friday night and we were nowhere near ready to throw in the towel.

“Where’d the Smith brothers go tonight?” I asked as we entered our back door.

          Blake shrugged. “I think Danny’s working at Friday’s and Joey went to KEN’S Tavern with Bosworth.”

          I opened the fridge, pulled out two beers, and handed one to my roommate. “You want to go back to that party?”

          “Hell no,” Blake replied. “There weren’t any hot girls there. Coleman’s parties always suck. We need to move back to Casa Cordoba again so we can throw some real fiestas.”

          I snorted. “We’d probably be breaking up the second or third fight right about now.”

          “Hells yeah, yo,” Blake replied as he sat down on the couch. “Kids used to be mad brawling at our parties.”

          I sat down on the adjacent couch and used the remote to turn on the television.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked. “Go to KEN’S?”

          My roommate shrugged. “How much beer is in there?”

          “Like seven more.”

          We both stared at the television screen and the sight of Pamela Anderson running in slow motion on an old Bay Watch episode.

          Blake grinned. “Danny showed me that porno of her and that dude from Poison. That shit was good, yo. She was riding his shit hard, giving him the reach around.”

          “Slut,” I said.

          “Slut,” he agreed.

          I pulled from my beer and continued to stare at Pamela’s tits bouncing. My mouth began to salivate.

          “Want to call the youngsters?” I asked. “They might be hanging out with some freshman sluts.”

          Blake shrugged. “Whateva.”

          The phone rang twice before Big Country answered with his cheerful Southern accent. “Hello?”

          “Yo, Big Country! It’s your big brother.”

          “Bryce!” he slurred into the phone. “What’re y’all doing? We’re getting trashed right now.”

“We just got home from Coleman’s party.”

“How was that shit?”

“Weak, but Mendez and Schwartz got into it.”

          “Mendez kicked his ass?”

          “Yup,” I laughed. “Dropped his ass with one punch.”

          “Yo!” Big Country bellowed at his dorm room audience. “Mendez laid out Schwartz!”

          I heard the background sounds of male laughter and a few female voices asking who Mendez was and why he punched someone named Schwartz.

          “So what’s up?” I asked. “How many little freshman sluts do you got over there?”

          “Hold on,” he replied and I heard the sound of a door opening as Big Country went into the hallway.

“There’s two here now,” he whispered, “and a couple more on the way. They’ll all fuck.”

          “Nice. Blake and I our coming over. What’s your room number? 314?”


          “Cool. Late.”


          I hung up the phone and glanced at Blake. “You want to go over there?”

          “To Diffenbaugh?”

          “Yeah, man. I’m in the mood for dormitory pussy. I love banging out bitches in those little beds. Shit makes me feel like a freshman again.”

          “Journeys,” Blake grinned. “It’ll be like old times.”

          “Hell yeah,” I laughed. “I miss those late night booty calls to Smith and Kellum Hall.”

“We should probably take a few beers,” Blake said.

          “Yeah, we gotta sneak that shit in.”

“Should we use a bag?”

          My eyes scanned the floor and stopped on a hooded FSU sweatshirt. “Nah, take this. We’ll just wrap it up.”

           Ten minutes later, Blake and I were sitting in a dormitory room with Big Country, Timmy, and two more younger brothers. Big Country had promised us a wealth of dormitory pussy, but by the time we arrived, the girls had already left. Six heavily intoxicated fraternity brothers were therefore crammed in a tiny room with nothing to do. This was always a dangerous recipe for rowdy drunken behavior and foolish conflict.

          Sure enough, sitting next to each other on one of the beds, Blake and Timmy got into a heated argument about an Upsilon alumnus.

          “Buckley is a bitch,” Blake said with a sneer.

          Timmy shook his head. “No, he’s not. I met him through my big brother McMillan and he’s a cool guy.”

          “That Big Bird looking motherfucker is an asshole!”

          “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Timmy replied. “He’s cool as hell.”

          Blake’s black eyes flashed dangerously. Unbeknownst to Timmy, my roommate harbored a great deal of resentment for Buckley because of a hazing incident that occurred when Blake was a pledge.

“Yo, fuck that guy,” Blake cursed. “That motherfucker hazed me one day for no reason at all. I didn’t even know who he was, but I had to stand there and take it.”

“So what?” Timmy said. “We all got hazed.”

Blake shook his head angrily. “Yo, I swore to myself I’d get even with that motherfucker when I became a brother, but I never saw him again.”

Buckley may have forever vanished from Blake’s life, but the animosity my roommate felt for the asshole never withered away. Hatred is like that sometimes. It sinks down inside us, lingering, simmering, eagerly waiting for a spark to set it off. Timmy was dangerously close to becoming that spark.

          “I hate his bitch ass,” Blake cursed. “I want to kill that motherfucker!”

          “Shut up, Blake!” Timmy exclaimed. “Buckley is a good guy. You don’t even really know him!”

          Blake leaped on Timmy and pounded the kid into the bed with both fists. Big brown arms reigned blow after blow on the small brother who curled up into a ball and played possum. The spectators in the room stood flabbergasted as I ripped my snarling roommate off his victim and dragged him towards the door. One of my hands grabbed Blake’s shirt and the other fumbled with the doorknob behind me.

          “My bad, guys,” I said. “My bad. We’re drunk.”

          I tugged the door open and pulled Blake into the hallway. Someone slammed the door shut behind us and Blake immediately kicked it.

          “Fuck you!” he screamed. “Fuck you!”

          “What the hell is wrong with you, man?” I asked.

          My roommate ripped an erasable marker board off the neighbor’s door and flung it down the hallway like a Frisbee.

          “Fuck that kid!” he cursed. “And fuck Buckley and fuck everybody else!”

          We left the dormitory after that bottom-line statement and returned to our fraternity house apartment. Another episode of Bay Watch was on and this time it was footage of Carmen Elektra that captured our imagination.

          “Damn, yo,” Blake said, “this girl is so fucking hot. I can’t believe she was married to Dennis Rodman.”

          “That dude is a freak. He probably did all kinds of kinky ass shit to get her.”

          “Yo, I’d do anything she told me to do.”

“Dude, I’d get on all fours and lick her asshole clean for her every night.”

          Blake laughed. “Hell yeah, yo. I’d lick her where she pees.”

          I was wasted and horny and decided to drunk dial. Lisa didn’t answer and neither did Jenna, so I tried Jessica from Rush Week. The phone rang four times and I was about to hang up when she finally picked up.

          “Hello?” she answered.

          “Jessica. It’s Darren. Did I wake you?”

          “No. Theresa and I just left the club. What’re you doing?”

          “Hanging out at my fraternity house. What’re you girls gonna do now?”

          “We’re heading back to Jennie Murphree. Is there something going on?”

          I was drunk, so I decided to be bold. “Do you want to come over and play?”

          Blake chuckled at my words and Jessica giggled pleasantly.

          “That sounds like fun,” she replied. “Should I come to the front door?”

          “Yeah. Just call me when you’re down there and I’ll come let you in.”

          I hung up the phone and grinned at my roommate.

          “Fuck you, dude,” he said. “Let me get sloppy seconds.”

          I laughed. “You’re a scumbag….and a bully.”

          “Fuck that kid,” Blake snarled. “I hate Timmy and I hate Buckley.”

          “You hate everybody,” I accused.

          He paused to consider this. “Yeah…I think I love to hate.”

          My lips twisted into an evil smile. “Me too, kid. Me too.”

          Blake stood up off the couch and ventured down to the courtyard where brothers and girls were starting to traffic in from Coleman’s party and KEN’S Tavern.

          I continued to stare at Carmen Elektra’s tits and waited for Jessica to arrive. Three minutes later, Blake burst through the front door with a frantic look on his face.

          “Yo, Bryce!” he exclaimed. “Allison just walked into the courtyard with Lizzie. You better dip out and go to Jessica’s dorm or call her back and tell her not to come.”

          My eyes widened. “Shit! The random drop by? That’s what I fucking get for spending the night at her place last night.”

          Blake laughed. “Yo, she’s probably coming up here right now.”

          I sat up on the couch and considered my options. They all involved lying.

          “Yo, what’s Allison wearing?” I quickly asked.


          “Because you don’t make a decision like this without knowing all the details. Does she look sexy tonight or what?”

          “Yeah…she’s got on them black knee highs you like.”

          My cock stirred and I rubbed it on the outside of my jeans. This little piece of information conjured up many fond memories of hardcore sex.

“Damn,” I mumbled. “She did that on purpose—to remind me why I love fucking her so much.”

          Blake laughed. “Tick-tock-tick-tock whatcha gonna do?”

          “Damn,” I muttered, expecting the back door to open at any second.



          I snatched my cell phone off the coffee table, ducked out the front door, and crossed the small hallway into Dave’s apartment. Jessica picked up after one ring.

          “Hey,” she said. “I’m almost there. Theresa’s dropping me off.”

          Damn. “Jessica, I gotta take a rain check tonight. My boy just got into a fight at some party. Blake and I are heading over there now. Can I call you later?”

          “Yeah, sure. Is your friend okay?”

          “I don’t know. I didn’t get a lot of details. This all went down like two seconds ago. I’m really sorry, but I gotta be there.”

          “It’s okay. Call me later.”

          “Okay. Bye.”


          I started back to my apartment and remembered to shove the cell phone into my pocket. It would be foolish to walk in holding incriminating evidence. My ex was a smart girl with a perceptive eye for such things.

          Allison was sitting next to Blake on the couch. My roommate was right. She looked sexy as hell in her black jacket, matching skirt, and knee high boots. I wondered how many guys hit on her tonight and this increased my desire to fuck her.

          “What’s up?” I said.

          “Hey, Baby,” she replied. Blue eyes danced and her lips curled into a charmingly crooked smile. I recognized the look. Allison was craving cock.

          “Let’s go,” I said and stuck out my hand.

          “Bye, Blake,” Allison giggled as she was dragged away.

          Once inside my bedroom, Allison took off her jacket and started unzipping her boots.

          “No,” I said. “Those are definitely staying on.”

          I pulled the dark-haired girl to me for a little face sucking and then forcefully spun her around and shoved her towards the dresser. She bent over and put her elbows on the dresser as I lifted her skirt to reveal a beautiful ass wearing a black thong. Allison was also blessed with the sexiest pair of hamstrings I have ever seen. They were tight like the leather seats of a European sports car which meant hitting that was always a sick ride.

           I ripped down her panties and used them to tie her hands together behind her back.

          “I’ve been bad, daddy,” she said. “Spank me.”

          My hand rubbed her sweet ass and I smacked it twice.

          “Are you gonna fuck me, daddy?” she asked.

“Not yet.”

          I opened the top drawer of the dresser and removed a bottle of lubricant. Lube was poured into my hand and I reached down between her sexy legs to smother her pussy with it. My whole hand slid back and forth across her snatch, rubbing the oil smoothly across lips and clit.

“Mmmm…that feels so good, Darren.”

I smiled, dropped to a knee, and started finger fucking her from behind. She arched her ass up higher and I used two fingers to fuck her even harder.

          “I want your cock inside me right now” she whispered with urgency.

          My free hand was already unbuckling my belt and I dropped my jeans and boxer-briefs. Allison’s pussy was soaking wet when I worked my cock inside her and she moaned with pleasure as I took her from behind. I fucked her hard and long and wondered if Blake was still in the living room, listening to the sound of the dresser rocking. Pamela popped in my head a few times and so did Carmen and Jessica, but when I nutted inside Allison, I thought about Mendez’s girlfriend cheating on him. Slut.

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